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Cargo Van - Original Series

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The Original Hydraulic Lift

Tried and true reliability. Original Series models have been used by a wide variety of commercial industries over the past forty years. Constructed with the same high-quality pumps and motors found in all other Tommy Gate lifts, Original Series liftgates use military aircraft-grade cable for added strength.

Liftgate Capacity
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1000 lbs.

Hydraulic System
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Lift Style
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Original Series Features

  • Durable, military aircraft-quality lifting cables
  • Fully-enclosed hydraulic system safely encased within liftgate mainframe
  • Pressure bypass prevents overloading
  • Fold-down platform for dock or forklift loading
  • Timed, delay shut-off control
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The Original Image
The Original

Throughout the last 50 years the Original Series has been a staple in the liftgate industry. Invented by Delbert “Bus” Brown, and first sold for pickups in 1965, the assembly process used in constructing Original Series liftgates has not changed much over the years.

Built By Hand Image
Built By Hand

Although components have been upgraded, the basic design is essentially the same. Built by hand, by master welders, machinists, and quality control experts, the exceptional quality of Tommy Gate hydraulic lifts is seen in every liftgate that leaves the Woodbine, Iowa factory.

  All Models

Model Capacity Load Area Taper Travel Weight Applications Spec
64P-1036 TP27 1000 62  x  27 0 36 340 A
64P-1036 TP38 1000 62  x  38 4 36 400 A
64P-1036 EA39 1000 60  x  39 6 36 365 A
64P-1036 EA48 1000 60  x  48 6 36 400 A


  1. Model 64P liftgates cannot be mounted on cargo vans with a trailer hitch.

  Applications & Brackets - Cargo Van → Original Series

Code Manufacturer Model Year Body Style Bracket Install
A Dodge / Ram 1994 - 2003 B-Series - Full-Size Van - Standard Body ² P300-94
A Dodge / Ram 1994 - 2003 B-Series - Full-Size Van - Extended Body ² P300-94EX
A Ford 1992 - 2014 E-Series ₃ _ ₄ P200-92

Liftgates cannot be mounted on cargo vans with a trailer hitch.

1.    Does not include: 1996 Express or Savanna.
2.    T-64 light kit Part# 5101 is required (sold separately).
3.    T-54 light kit Part# 5102 is required (sold separately).
4.    2009-2014 Ford vans may need a relay kit (sold separately) if they do not have a factory trailer wiring harness.

 Available Platforms


One-piece Steel Treadplate w/ 27" loading depth, no taper

Original Series TP27 Open Original Series TP27 Closed

Two-piece Steel Treadplate w/ 38" loading depth + 4" taper

Original Series TP38 Open Original Series TP38 Closed

Two-piece Extruded Aluminum w/ 39" loading depth + 6" taper

Original Series EA39 Open Original Series EA39 Closed

Two-piece Extruded Aluminum w/ 39" loading depth + 6" taper

Original Series EA48 Open Original Series EA48 Closed

  Standard Features

Fixed & Timed Toggle Control Image
Fixed & Timed Toggle Control

prevents unauthorized use, and deactivates 90 seconds after operation

Power Cable w/ Full Length Ground Image
Power Cable w/ Full Length Ground

ensures consistent power supply

150-amp Circuit Breaker Image
150-amp Circuit Breaker

protects vehicle's electrical system, disconnects power for repairs

  Available Options

2-light Light Kit Image
2-light Light Kit

2-light add-on system (T-64) (one red, one white each side)

3-light Light Kit Image
3-light Light Kit

3-light add-on system (T-54) (two red, one white each side)

2-light, LED Light Kit Image
2-light, LED Light Kit

2-light add-on system (T-64L) (one red, one white each side)

3-light, LED Light Kit Image
3-light, LED Light Kit

3-light add-on system (T-54L) (two red, one white each side)

Remote Pendant Control Image
Remote Pendant Control

allows additional operator movement

Dual Controls Image
Dual Controls

standard fixed control + remote pendant control

Rubber Platform Bumpers Image
Rubber Platform Bumpers

protects platform from scratching (sets of four or six)

Grip-style Tape Kit Image
Grip-style Tape Kit

for smooth steel platforms (2002 and older)

In-cab, Shut-off Switch Image
In-cab, Shut-off Switch

enables power to be disabled from within the truck cab


  Original Series

Document Name Size Download
Original Series Owner's Manual 1069kb
Warranty Guidelines 506kb
Pickup, Service, & Cargo Van - Original Series Parts List 333kb
Cargo Van - Original Series Dimensions 233kb
Estimated Installation Times 452kb
Original Series Platform Lock Instructions 23kb
Original Series Wiring Instructions 63kb
Original Series Arm Replacement 14kb
Original Series Cable Installation 42kb
Original Series Cylinder Replacement 253kb
Original Series Cylinder Seal Replacement 10kb
Original Series Pulley Pin Replacement 20kb
In-cab Cut-off Switch Instructions 595kb
T54/ T64 Light Kit Instructions 1602kb
Tommy Gate Liftgate Guide 9133kb

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