Railgate Series: RTC

Step Van - Railgate Series: RTC
Model RTC-89-20 EA55


RTC-89-20 EA55


Step Van



Platform Detail:


1-piece extruded aluminum w/ 55" loading depth + 12" bolt-on taper

Drive System:

Roller Chain and Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic System:

Enclosed Unit: All critical components are factory enclosed in main frame of gate providing protection from elements and damage. Easy access for servicing. Pump: 12 Volt D.C. unit / 2100 psi pumping (1600 lb). Pump: 12 Volt D.C. unit / 2600 psi pumping (2000 lb). Hydraulic Hose: 1/4" (6.4mm) ID, oil resistant hose, 2 wire braid, Meets SAE 100R16. Pressure relief valve: prevents operator from overloading the platform. Flow Control Valve: Prevents uncontrolled descent of platform. Cylinder Tubing: 2" (51mm) ID x 2-1/4" (57mm) OD. Cylinder Ram: 1-1/2" (38mm) OD, hard chrome plated steel rod.

Electrical System:

Control Unit: Moisture resistant toggle switch / deactivates 5 minute after last operation (helps prevent unauthorized use) / timer reset and on-off button permanently and conveniently located on control unit and positioned under logo and bulls eye respectively. All Electrical Wiring: Meets or exceeds The Maintenance Council (TMC) guidelines. Circuit Breaker: 150 Amp Continuous, 3000 Amp Interrupt, 30 VDC, Watertight, Manual Reset. Mounted in-line with 2 AWG positive battery cable, protects vehicle in the event of an electrical short. Power/Ground Cable: Factory supplied 2 AWG ground cable molded with power cable. Providing a direct connection from liftgate to truck battery. Insulation rated for -40°C (-40°F) to 105°C (221°F). Recessed Lights: Standard equipment and work with both foreign and domestic light harnesses.

Drive Train:

Roller Chain: ANSI #50.


Safety Trip Bar: Helps prevent entrapment between platform and mainframe of gate.

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