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  Company Videos

Company Videos

Find a dealer near you for repair or purchase of a Tommy Gate Liftgate.

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Factory Montage  
Tuckunder Development  
The making of the 500,000th Tommy Gate  

  Operational Videos


Find a dealer near you for repair or purchase of a Tommy Gate Liftgate.

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G2 Series - Pickup / Service Operation  
G2 Series - Flatbed / Van Operation  
Tuckunder - TKT Operation  
Railgate Series - Standard Models Operation  
Railgate - Dock-friendly "RF" Operation  
Railgate Series - High-Cycle Models Operation  
Railgate Series - Bi-Fold, High-Cycle Operation  
Railgate - RTC Operation  
V2 Series - Transit Operation  
Cantilever Series - Transit Operation  
Cantilever Series - Promaster Operation  
Cantilever Series - Chevy Express Operation  
650 Series - Demonstration Video  
Tuckunder - TKL Operation  
G2 Series - Lift-N-Dump Model Operation  
Cassette Liftgate Operating Instructions - Tommy Gate for Commercial Cargo Vans  

  Features/Options Videos

Cart Stop Operation  
Safety Trip Bar Demonstration  
G2 Series Optional Gas Bottle Bracket  
G2 Series Gas Bottle Bracket  

  Animations Videos

G2 Series Demonstration  
Original Series Demonstration  
Railgate Series - Standard Function  
Dock-Friendly Demonstration  
Dock-Friendly "Drop Away" Demonstration  
650 Series Demonstration  
Safety Trip Bar Demonstration  
Railgate Series - Above Bed Option  
Railgate Series - Cart Stop Option  
Railgate Series - Retention Ramp Option  
Railgate Slider Demonstration  
Railgate Series - Exploded Bearing  

  Maintenance Videos

Railgate Series - RTC Models Maintenance  

  Promotional Videos

V2 Series Internal Van Liftgate (Chevy Express/ GMC Savana)  
Railgate Series - 42-inch GBR Model  
Liftgates for EV Commercial Vans - The Tommy Gate V2 Series Liftgate  
Liftgates for Pickup Trucks - Tommy Gate G2 Series Liftgate  
Tommy Gate - Liftgates for Commercial Cargo Vans - Cassette Liftgate  
Liftgates for Flatbed, Stake, and Van Bodies - The High-Cycle Bi-Fold Railgate  
V2 Series: V2-45 for Box Truck Applications  

  Tommy Gate Case Study Videos

Tommy Gate Liftgates for EV Vehicles and EV Fleets - Kingsburg Truck Equipment Case Study  
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