G2 Series

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Flatbed and Van - G2 Series

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More Than a Pickup Lift

Supporting larger platforms, G2 Series models are compatible with flatbed, stake and van bodies and offer a wide selection of platform materials to accommodate almost any industry application.

Liftgate Capacity
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1300 & 1600 lbs.

Hydraulic System
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Lift Style
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G2 Series Features

  • Dual hydraulic cylinders
  • Virtually maintenance-free components
  • Recessed control
  • Hitch compatibility
  • Larger platforms
  • Fully-enclosed hydraulic system located within the liftgate mainframe
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Dual Drive Image
Dual Drive

Hydraulic cylinders are built in-house. Precision cylinder welds are executed by robotic machines, while assembly and testing are done by hand.

Direct Power Image
Direct Power

The Tommy Gate G2 Series is a dual-cylinder, parallel-arm design which utilizes a pair of hydraulic cylinders to lower and raise the lift by applying direct power to both sides of the platform.

  Models for 96" Wide Bodies

Model Capacity Load Area Taper Travel Applications Spec
G2-92-1650 BG33 1600 87  x  33 6 50 B
G2-92-1650 EA41 1600 85  x  41 6 50 B
G2-92-1650 EA37 1600 85  x  37 6 50 B
G2-92-1650 TT33 1600 87  x  33 6 50 B
G2-92-1650 TP41 1600 87  x  41 6 50 B
G2-92-1650 TP35 1600 87  x  35 6 50 B
G2-92-1350 BG33 1300 87  x  33 6 50 B
G2-92-1350 EA41 1300 85  x  41 6 50 B
G2-92-1350 EA37 1300 85  x  37 6 50 B
G2-92-1350 TT33 1300 87  x  33 6 50 B
G2-92-1350 TP41 1300 87  x  41 6 50 B
G2-92-1350 TP35 1300 87  x  35 6 50 B

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  1. Additional "Low-Profile G2 models," for flatbed and stake bodies may be viewed in the PDF file located under the documents tab.

  Applications & Brackets - Flatbed and Van

Code Body Style
B 96" Wide Bodies
C 90" Wide Bodies
D 85" Wide Bodies
E 80" Wide Bodies
F 67" Wide Bodies

 Available Platforms

TP35 One-piece steel treadplate w/ 35" loading depth + 6" taper

G2 Series TP35 Open G2 Series TP35 Closed

TP41 One-piece steel treadplate w/ 41" loading depth + 6" taper

G2 Series TP41 Open G2 Series TP41 Closed

TT33 One-piece steel TommyTraction w/ 33" loading depth + 6" taper

G2 Series TT33 Open G2 Series TT33 Closed

EA37 One-piece extruded aluminum w/ 37" loading depth + 6" taper

G2 Series EA37 Open G2 Series EA37 Closed

EA41 One-piece extruded aluminum w/ 41" loading depth + 6" taper

G2 Series EA41 Open G2 Series EA41 Closed

BG33 One-piece steel bar grate w/ 33" loading depth + 6" taper

G2 Series BG33 Open G2 Series BG33 Closed

  Standard Features

Fixed & Timed Toggle Control Image
Fixed & Timed Toggle Control

prevents unauthorized use, and deactivates 90 seconds after operation

Power Cable w/ Full Length Ground Image
Power Cable w/ Full Length Ground

ensures consistent power supply

150-amp Circuit Breaker Image
150-amp Circuit Breaker

protects vehicle's electrical system, disconnects power for repairs

Maintenance-free Pins and Bushings Image
Maintenance-free Pins and Bushings

ensure consistent platform operation, require zero maintenance

  Available Options

Bolt-on Light Kit Image
Bolt-on Light Kit

3-light, incandescent combined stop/turn function (each side)

Bolt-on LED Light Kit Image
Bolt-on LED Light Kit

3-light, LED combined stop/turn function (each side)

Remote Pendant Control Image
Remote Pendant Control

allows additional operator movement

Dual Controls Image
Dual Controls

standard fixed control + remote pendant control

Rubber Platform Bumpers Image
Rubber Platform Bumpers

protects platform from scratching (sets of four or six)

Folding Tire Rack Image
Folding Tire Rack

provides support and stability for tire handlers

Galvanizing Option Image
Galvanizing Option

metallic-zinc coating prevents corrosion from harmful environmental elements

In-cab, Shut-off Switch Image
In-cab, Shut-off Switch

enables power to be disabled from within the truck cab


  G2 Series

Document Name Size Download
G2 Series Owner's Manual 1549kb
Warranty Guidelines 429kb
Flatbed, Stake, & Van - G2 Series Parts List 466kb
Flatbed/Van - G2 Series Dimensions 202kb
Flatbed/Van - "Low-Profile" G2 Series Dimensions 603kb
G2-Series Galvanizing Option 229kb
Guaranteed Stock List 441kb
Estimated Installation Times 65kb
G2 Series General Install Notes 27kb
Electrical Guidelines 14kb
G2 Series Wiring Instructions 72kb
Flatbed, Stake, and Van Installation Instructions 2955kb
G2 Series Cylinder Repair Instructions 1942kb
G2 Series Latch Adjustment 199kb
G2 Series EA Platform and Torsion Replacement 236kb
G2-50 Platform Chain Replacement 241kb
Folding Tire Rack Instructions 490kb
G2 Recessed Lights Instructions 45kb
Low-Profile G2 Models (Flatbed & Stake) 480kb

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