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The Second Generation

Tommy Gate’s G2 Series is the latest in parallel-arm technology. Dual hydraulic cylinders apply direct power to both sides of the platform for increased consistency in motion and stability. With reduced maintenance requirements, a wide variety of platform options, and vast hitch compatibility, G2 Series hydraulic lifts are a strong, versatile lift that offers convenience and efficiency.

Liftgate Capacity
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1300 & 1500 lbs.

Hydraulic System
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Lift Style
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G2 Series Features

  • Dual hydraulic cylinders
  • Virtually maintenance-free components
  • Recessed control
  • Larger platforms
  • Fully-enclosed hydraulic system
G2 Series Overview Image A G2 Series Overview Image B
Fully-enclosed hydraulic system. Image
Fully-enclosed hydraulic system.

Hydraulic cylinders are built in-house. Precision cylinder welds are executed by robotic machines, while assembly and testing are done by hand.

Painted before Assembled Image
Painted before Assembled

Dual-drive liftgates provide increased durability for rigorous cycling and have low maintenance requirements. A paint-before-assembly process increases the longevity of the lift’s aesthetics.

  All Models

See table below for applications.

Model Capacity Load Area Taper Travel Weight Applications Spec
G2-54-7042 TP38 700 49  x  38 4 42 421 H
G2-54-7042 EA38 700 49  x  38 6 42 369 H
G2-54-7542 TP38 750 49  x  38 4 42 421 G
G2-54-7542 EA38 750 50  x  38 6 42 369 G
G2-60-1342 TP27 1300 55  x  27 4 42 438 A,B
G2-60-1342 TP38 1300 55  x  38 4 42 478 A,B
G2-60-1342 TP42 1300 55  x  42 7 42 503 A,B
G2-60-1342 TT27 1300 55  x  27 4 42 439 A,B
G2-60-1342 EA27 1300 55  x  27 6 42 395 A,B
G2-60-1342 EA38 1300 55  x  38 6 42 421 A,B
G2-60-1342 EA48 1300 55  x  48 6 42 442 A,B
G2-60-1342 BG27 1300 55  x  28 4 42 445 A,B
G2-60-1542 TP27 1500 55  x  27 4 42 438 B
G2-60-1542 TP38 1500 55  x  38 4 42 478 B
G2-60-1542 TP42 1500 55  x  42 7 42 503 B
G2-60-1542 TT27 1500 55  x  27 4 42 439 B
G2-60-1542 EA27 1500 55  x  27 6 42 395 B
G2-60-1542 EA38 1500 55  x  38 6 42 421 B
G2-60-1542 EA48 1500 55  x  48 6 42 442 B
G2-60-1542 BG27 1500 55  x  27 4 42 445 B

= Guaranteed Stock Model. Learn More.

  1. G2-54-7542 models are mid-size pickup applications and are sold with an included light kit. Not compatible with all options. Contact factory for more information. 
  2. EA48 platform extends 10" above top of liftgate mainframe when closed.

  Applications & Brackets - Pickup → G2 Series

Code Manufacturer Model Year Body Style Bracket Install
G Chevrolet / GMC 2015 - 2021 Colorado / Canyon T-52
A Chevrolet / GMC 2019*** - 2019*** 1500 LD/LIMITED T-170
A Chevrolet / GMC 2019*** - 2021 1500⁸-¹º (excludes LD/Limited) T-181
A Chevrolet / GMC 2007* - 2018 1500³ T-170
B Chevrolet / GMC 2007* - 2019 2500/3500³ T-170
B Chevrolet / GMC 2020 - 2021 2500/3500¹¹ T-181
A Chevrolet / GMC 2007* - 2007* 1500 CLASSIC T-160
B Chevrolet / GMC 2007* - 2007* 2500/3500 CLASSIC T-160
A Chevrolet / GMC 1999* - 2006 1500/2500 LD¹² T-160
B Chevrolet / GMC 2001 - 2006 2500/3500 T-160
A Chevrolet / GMC 1999* - 2000* 1500 CLASSIC T-150
B Chevrolet / GMC 1999* - 2000* 2500/3500 CLASSIC T-150
A Chevrolet / GMC 1988 - 1998 1500 T-150
B Chevrolet / GMC 1998 - 2000 2500 T-150
B Chevrolet / GMC 1988 - 1998 2500/3500 T-150
A Dodge / Ram 2002 - 2018 1500⁴ T-330⁶
A Dodge / Ram 2019 - 2021** 1500⁴-⁷ T-335
A Dodge / Ram 2019 - 2021** 1500 (CLASSIC)⁴ T-330
B Dodge / Ram 2003 - 2021 2500/3500⁴ (EXCLUDES 2013-2021 DRW) T-330⁶
B Dodge / Ram 2003 - 2018 3500²-⁴ T-330
B Dodge / Ram 2013 - 2021 3500 (DRW)²-⁴ T-340
B Dodge / Ram 1995 - 2002 2500/3500 T-300
A Dodge / Ram 1995 - 2001 1500 T-300
H Ford 2019 - 2021 RANGER T-26
A Ford 2021 - 2021 F-150⁵-¹³ T-271
A Ford 2015 - 2020 F-150⁵ T-270
A Ford 1997 - 2014 F-150¹ T-250
B Ford 1999 - 2016 F-250/350/450 T-260
B Ford 2017 - 2021 F-250/350/450 T-285
A Nissan 2004 - 2021 TITAN⁹ T-420
A Toyota 2007 - 2021 TUNDRA T-500


[*]    In 1999, 2000, and 2007 Chevy / GMC produced two body styles. The “old” style is the same as the previous year and is labeled  “Classic”. The “new” style does not have the “Classic” label.

[**]   In 2019-2021 Ram produced two body styles of 1500 pickups. The “old” style is the same as 2018 and has a “Classic” badge on the door. The “new” style does not have this badge.

[***] In 2019 Chevy / GMC produced two body styles of 1500 pickups. The “old” style is the same as 2018 and has a badge on the tailgate: “LD” (Chevy) or “Limited” (GMC). The “new” style does not have either of these badges.


  1. DISCONTINUED 2001-2003 F-150, FORD SUPERCREW® application not supported. 
  2. 2013-2021 DODGE RAM 3500, with Dual Rear Wheels, requires bracket T-340.
  3. Does not include: 2007 CHEVY / GMC “Classic” pickups.
  4. Liftgate application is not compatible with DODGE RamBox® (toolbox). 
  5. FORD F150 3.5L HO engine with dual exhaust may require exhaust modification.
  6. Old T-325 kit needs a conversion kit (13314) to work with 2013 and newer T-330 applications.
  7. Does not include: 2019-2021 RAM “Classic” pickups.
  8. No application for trucks with a carbon-fiber bed.
  9. NISSAN Titan® requires a special G2 model liftgate. Specify when ordering
  10. 2019-2021 CHEVY/GMC 1500 (excluding LD or Limited) with factory-installed Side Blind Zone Alert and Lane Change Alert, requires Side Sensor Relocation Kit (Part No.15937)
  11. 2020-2021 CHEVY/GMC 2500/3500 with factory-installed Side Blind Zone Alert and Lane Change Alert, requires Side Sensor Relocation Kit (Part No.016286).
  12. Does not include 1999-2000 CHEVY/GMC "Classic" pickups. 
  13. Compatible with bed-side 110-volt outlets. Compatible with F-150 Hybrid. 

 Available Platforms

TP27 1-piece treadplate steel w/ 27" loading depth + 4" taper

G2 Series TP27 Open G2 Series TP27 Closed

TP38 2-piece treadplate steel w/ 38" loading depth + 4" taper

G2 Series TP38 Open G2 Series TP38 Closed

TP42 2-piece treadplate steel w/ 42" loading depth + 7" taper

G2 Series TP42 Open G2 Series TP42 Closed

EA27 1-piece extruded aluminum w/ 27" loading depth + 6" taper

G2 Series EA27 Open G2 Series EA27 Closed

EA38 2-piece extruded aluminum w/ 38" loading depth + 6" taper

G2 Series EA38 Open G2 Series EA38 Closed

EA48 2-piece extruded aluminum w/ 48" loading depth + 6" taper

G2 Series EA48 Open G2 Series EA48 Closed

BG27 1-piece bargrate steel w/ 27" loading depth + 4" taper

G2 Series BG27 Open G2 Series BG27 Closed

TT27 1-piece TommyTraction w/ 27" loading depth + 4" taper

G2 Series TT27 Open G2 Series TT27 Closed

GALV BG27 1-piece, galvanized bargrate steel w/ 27" loading depth + 4" taper

G2 Series GALV BG27 Open G2 Series GALV BG27 Closed

GALV TT27 1-piece, galvanized TommyTraction w/ 27" loading depth + 4" taper

G2 Series GALV TT27 Open G2 Series GALV TT27 Closed

  Standard Features

Fixed & Timed Toggle Control Image
Fixed & Timed Toggle Control

prevents unauthorized use, and deactivates 90 seconds after operation

Power Cable w/ Full Length Ground Image
Power Cable w/ Full Length Ground

ensures consistent power supply

150-amp Circuit Breaker Image
150-amp Circuit Breaker

protects vehicle's electrical system, disconnects power for repairs

Maintenance-free Pins and Bushings Image
Maintenance-free Pins and Bushings

ensure consistent platform operation, require zero maintenance

  Available Options

Bolt-on LED 3-Light Kit T-57L Image
Bolt-on LED 3-Light Kit T-57L

Kit includes a pair of 3-light, LED combined stop/turn function lights (12v/24v compatible)

Bolt-on LED 3-Light Kit T-58L Image
Bolt-on LED 3-Light Kit T-58L

Kit includes a pair of 3-light, LED combined stop/turn function lights (12v compatible)

Bolt-on 2-light LED Light Kit T-67L  Image
Bolt-on 2-light LED Light Kit T-67L

Kit includes a pair of 2-light, LED combined stop/turn function (one red, one white) lights (12v compatible)

Remote Pendant Control Image
Remote Pendant Control

allows additional operator movement

Dual Controls Image
Dual Controls

standard fixed control + remote pendant control

Rubber Platform Bumpers Image
Rubber Platform Bumpers

protects platform from scratching (sets of four or six)

Folding Tire Rack Image
Folding Tire Rack

provides support and stability for tire handlers

Extra Bracket Kit Image
Extra Bracket Kit

top bracket and gussets only (one set included with liftgate)

Galvanizing Option Image
Galvanizing Option

metallic-zinc coating prevents corrosion from harmful environmental elements

Rear Camera & Sensor Kit Image
Rear Camera & Sensor Kit

repositions factory camera and sensors while retaining component functionality

In-cab, Shut-off Switch Image
In-cab, Shut-off Switch

enables power to be disabled from within the truck cab

Side Sensor Relocation Kit Image
Side Sensor Relocation Kit

repositions factory side sensors while retaining component functionality

12V Light Relay Image
12V Light Relay

Eliminates false trailer detection when light kit is installed

  1. Rear Camera & Sensor Bars are only available for select newer model pickups. Contact factory for more information.
  2. Galvanizing option may increase production time and is not available for Treadplate Steel platforms.
  3. Side Sensor Relocation Kits and Rear Camera and Sensor Bars are only available for some newer model
  4. Relocating the factory installed side-facing sensors may affect sensor ranging and introduce blind spots.
    Operate with caution and do not depend on advanced features that may take over steering or braking.
  5. 12V Light Relay Kits are compatible with both combined (2-wire) and separated (3-wire) stop/turn vehicle systems.
  6. 12V Light Relay Kits are compatible with 12-volt applications only.


  G2 Series

Document Name Size Download
G2 Series Owner's Manual 1549kb
Pickup & Service Body - G2 Series Parts List 222kb
Pickup - G2 Series Dimensions 241kb
G2 Pickup Application Chart 96kb
Estimated Installation Times 452kb
Hitch Compatibility Chart 76kb
Guaranteed Stock List 466kb
G2-Series Galvanizing Option 229kb
Rear Camera & Sensor Bar Option 697kb
Rear Camera & Sensor Bar Application Chart 185kb
Side Sensor Relocation Application Chart 185kb
G2 Series Wiring Instructions 72kb
T52 Bracket Instructions 654kb
T100 Bracket Instructions 518kb
T150 & T150-T Bracket Instructions 613kb
T155 Bracket Instructions 555kb
T160 Bracket Instructions 585kb
T170 Bracket Instructions 588kb
G170 Bracket Instructions 475kb
T181 Bracket Instructions 516kb
G181 Bracket Instructions 516kb
T200 Bracket Instructions 556kb
T250 & T260 Bracket Instructions 620kb
G250 & G260 Instructions 575kb
T270 Bracket Instructions 659kb
G270 Bracket Instructions 573kb
T285 Bracket Instructions 635kb
T300 & T300-94 Bracket Instructions 510kb
T310 Bracket Instructions 515kb
T330 Bracket Instructions 585kb
G330 Bracket Instructions 516kb
T335 Bracket Instructions 585kb
G335 Bracket Instructions 516kb
T420 Bracket Instructions 541kb
T500 Bracket Instructions 550kb
T-26 Bracket Instructions 516kb
G500 Bracket Instructions 3mb
G2 Series Cylinder Repair Instructions 1942kb
G2 Series EA Platform and Torsion Replacement 236kb
G2 Series Latch Adjustment 199kb
Folding Tire Rack Instructions 490kb
T-67 Bolt-on Light Kit Mounting Instructions 1120kb
T54/ T64 Light Kit Instructions 1602kb
T-57/ T-58 Bolt-on Light Kit Instructions 1120kb
G2 12V Light Relay Installation Instructions and Application Chart 1120kb
Rear Camera and Sensor Bar Installation Instructions 345kb
Tommy Gate Liftgate Guide 9133kb

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