Tuckunder Series: TKT

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Flatbed and Van - Tuckunder Series: TKT

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TKT Models

TKT models address all the concerns a liftgate operator faces. With self-leveling and power down functions, the lift is simple to use and reliable. The large platforms easily accommodate pallet-sized loads. And, the wide-arm, dual-cylinder design assures sturdy and consistent lifting action.

Liftgate Capacity
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2500 & 3000 lbs.

Hydraulic System
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Tuckunder Style
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Tuckunder Series: TKT Features

  • Higher lifting capacities
  • Stores underneath vehicle bed
  • Rubber dock bumpers included
  • Low-profile, fixed toggle control
  • Adjustable steps
  • Galvanized models available
Tuckunder Series: TKT Overview Image A Tuckunder Series: TKT Overview Image B
Bed Extensions Image
Bed Extensions

All Tuckunder Series liftgates come with a separate bed extension. Both “standard” strength, 3/16-inch, steel construction bed extensions and “heavy duty” strength, 3/8-inch, versions are available. All Tommy Gate Tuckunder Series bed extensions come with standard 24-inch, rubber dock bumpers and bolt-on adjustable steps.

Power-unit Protection Image
Power-unit Protection

A molded-plastic power unit cover protects vital parts from outside elements.

  Models for 96" & 102" Wide Bodies

Model Capacity Load Area Taper Travel Weight Applications Spec
TKT-80-25 TP50 2500 80  x  50 0 40-54 887 A, B
TKT-80-25 TP60 2500 80  x  60 0 45-54 980 A, B
TKT-80-25 EA50 2500 80  x  50 0 40-54 816 A, B
TKT-80-25 EA60 2500 80  x  60 0 45-54 866 A, B
TKT-80-30 TP50 3000 80  x  50 0 40-54 887 A, B
TKT-80-30 TP60 3000 80  x  60 0 45-54 980 A, B
TKT-80-30 EA50 3000 80  x  50 0 40-54 816 A, B
TKT-80-30 EA60 3000 80  x  60 0 45-54 866 A, B

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  1. Minimum bed height range is laden. Maximum bed height range is unladen
  2. Must add bed extension weight for total installed gate weight. 

  Applications & Brackets - Flatbed and Van

Code Body Style
A 102" Wide Bodies
B 96" Wide Bodies

Available Bed Extensions

Body Size Bed Extension Type Weight Description
96" Standard 276 3/16-inch-thick steel construction
102" Standard 283 3/16-inch-thick steel construction
96" Heavy Duty 334 3/8-inch-thick steel construction
102" Heavy Duty 341 3/8-inch-thick steel construction

 Available Platforms

TP 50 2-piece, 50-inch-deep, wedge-style, steel treadplate platform (w/ 25" base and 25" flipper)

Tuckunder Series: TKT TP 50 Open Tuckunder Series: TKT TP 50 Closed

TP 60 2-piece, 60-inch-deep, wedge-style, steel treadplate platform (w/ 30" base and 30" flipper)

Tuckunder Series: TKT TP 60 Open Tuckunder Series: TKT TP 60 Closed

EA 50 2-piece, 50-inch-deep, wedge-style, extruded aluminum platform (w/ 25" base and 25" flipper)

Tuckunder Series: TKT EA 50 Open Tuckunder Series: TKT EA 50 Closed

EA 60 2-piece, 60-inch-deep, wedge-style, extruded aluminum platform (w/ 30" base and 30" flipper)

Tuckunder Series: TKT EA 60 Open Tuckunder Series: TKT EA 60 Closed

  Standard Features

Low-profile, Fixed Toggle Control Image
Low-profile, Fixed Toggle Control

a low-profile control with five-minute inactivity shut-off

Bumper Bar Image
Bumper Bar

a low, full-width steel bar mounted under the liftgate

Rubber Dock Bumpers Image
Rubber Dock Bumpers

24-inch standard, rubber bumpers protect the bed extension from direct contact with loading dock surface

Snubber Kit Image
Snubber Kit

secures the platform when stored

Platform Power Down Image
Platform Power Down

offers consistent platform action both upwards and downwards

Standard Power Cable Image
Standard Power Cable

38-foot cable, 2-gauge, full-length power and ground

  Available Options

Split Cart Stops Image
Split Cart Stops

secure wheeled cargo (aluminum platforms only, loses 10-inches of loading depth when deployed)

2-light, LED Light Kit Image
2-light, LED Light Kit

2-light add-on system (T-80) (one red, one white each side)

Dual Controls Image
Dual Controls

low-profile, fixed control + remote pendant control

Galvanizing Option Image
Galvanizing Option

metallic-zinc coating prevents corrosion from harmful environmental elements

Auxiliary Battery Box Image
Auxiliary Battery Box

provides adequate power on longer straight truck and trailer applications

Extended Power Cable Image
Extended Power Cable

41-foot cable, 2-gauge, full-length power and ground

24-volt System Image
24-volt System

compatible with vehicles running a 24-volt system

License Plate Mount Image
License Plate Mount

bracket plate holder with light

In-line Power Shut Off Image
In-line Power Shut Off

disables power to the liftgate along the power line

In-cab, Shut-off Switch Image
In-cab, Shut-off Switch

enables power to be disabled from within the truck cab


  Tuckunder Series: TKT

Document Name Size Download
Tuckunder Series - Product Brochure 1438kb
Tuckunder Series Galvanizing Option 1mb
Tuckunder Series - TKT Owner's Manual 5275kb
TKT Models Installation Instructions 3002kb
Estimated Installation Times 452kb
Warranty Guidelines 506kb
Flatbed, Stake, & Van - Tuckunder Series - TKT Parts List 326kb
Flatbed/Van - Tuckunder Series - TKT Dimensions 292kb
TKT Cart Stop Replacement Instructions 277kb
TKT Steel Platform Replacement Instructions 579kb
TKT Aluminum Platform Replacement Instructions 155kb
TKT EA Platform Support Arm Replacement Instructions 630kb
Auxiliary Battery Box Option 1347kb
Auxiliary Battery Box Selection Guide 3098kb
Auxiliary Battery Box Instructions 3790kb
Auxiliary Battery Box (Charge Line) Instructions 850kb
Repair Tuckunder:TKT Platform Coil Spring Instructions 2500/3500 models 27kb
Tommy Gate Liftgate Guide 9133kb

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