Ram Promaster Commercial Van with Tommy Gate Cantilever Liftgate
Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2014 Ram Promaster: New Applications

Tommy Gate has just released a new Cantilever Series application for the 2014 Ram Promaster Commercial Van.

Tommy Gate is pleased to announce a new Cantilever Series application for 2014 Ram Promaster commercial vans.

At this time, the new application fits on the 2500 & 3500 model vans in all three of the available wheelbases (118", 136", & 159"). That liftgate has not yet been verified to fit on the 1500 model, extended-length body, or diesel engine varieties. Future announcements will be made when information on those becomes available.


The 2014 Ram Promaster hit the market this past October and has quickly become a favorite for van consumers due to its versatility and numerous "best-in-class" features. The Promaster has also been highly praised for its on-road driving dynamics and upfit potential.

The Cantilever Series is a state-of-the-art hydraulic lift specifically designed for commercial cargo vans. Clean and convenient, cantilever lifts are equipped with large, extruded aluminum platforms that come with standard cart stops and fold laterally to allow for door access when the lift is not in use. Currently available for Mercedes Sprinter, Nissan NV, Chevy Express, and, now, Ram Promaster, The Cantilever Series continues to grow in popularity as the van market continues to expand.

There is also a new Ram Promaster application for the 650 Series. The 650 Series, Tommy Gate's internally-mounted cargo van lift, is a lightweight and versatile lift with a lifting capacity of 650lbs., and the ability to be stored in two different positions to maximize space and access. At this time that application is only for high-roof models of the Promaster. 

For more information, contact customer service at 1-800-LIFTGATE.

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