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The Ideal Van Lift

The culmination of years of engineering, Cantilever Series models are highly versatile and include numerous desirable features. A bolt-on underside mount is compatible with most modern vans and eliminates the need for any welding. The platform is constructed from corrosion-resistant aluminum and folds laterally, allowing for access to the rear of the vehicle without operating the lift.

Liftgate Capacity
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1300 lbs

Hydraulic System
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Cantilever Style
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Cantilever Series Features

The Cantilever Series features internal bridges, dual cart stops, remote pendant control, and maintenance-free components.

Cantilever Series Overview Image A Cantilever Series Overview Image B
Seamless Installation Image
Seamless Installation

Easy to use and highly efficient, Cantilever Series models are aesthetically pleasing as well as logistically practical.

Internal Bridges and More Image
Internal Bridges and More

Platforms support a large loadable area and come standard with dual cart stops and internal bridges.

  All Models

Model Capacity Load Area Taper Travel Weight Applications Spec
CVL-AA-1330 EF52 1300 53  x  40 0 30 570 AA
CVL-AA-1330 EF71 1300 53  x  60 0 30 610 AA
CVL-AB-1330 EF52 1300 53  x  40 0 30 570 AB
CVL-AB-1330 EF71 1300 53  x  60 0 30 610 AB
CVL-AC-1330 EF52 1300 53  x  40 0 30 570 AC
CVL-AC-1330 EF71 1300 53  x  60 0 30 610 AC
CVL-AD-1330 EF52 1300 53  x  40 0 30 570 AD
CVL-AE-1330 EF52 1300 53  x  40 0 30 570 AE
CVL-AE-1330 EF71 1300 53  x  60 0 30 610 AE
CVL-AF-1330 EF52 1300 53  x  40 0 30 570 AF
CVL-AF-1330 EF71 1300 53  x  60 0 30 610 AF
CVL-AG-1330 EF52 1300 53  x  40 0 30 570 AG
CVL-AG-1330 EF71 1300 53  x  60 0 30 610 AG
CVL-AH-1330 EF52 1300 53  x  40 0 30 570 AH
CVL-AH-1330 EF71 1300 53  x  60 0 30 610 AH
  1. Installation may affect specific vehicle features such as rear sensors and back-up cameras.
  2. Installation is not compatible with any form of towing hitch.
  3. Installation requires the spare tire to be relocated. 

  Applications & Order Codes - Cargo Van → Cantilever Series

Code Manufacturer Model Year Body Style Install
AA Sprinter 2007 - 2023 1500 144" WB/ 2500 144-170" WB/ 3500 170" WB/ 4500 170" WB³-⁴-⁷
AB Sprinter 2007 - 2023 3500/ 4500 144" WB³-⁴-⁷
AC Nissan 2011 - 2021 2500/ 3500 NV
AD Chevrolet / GMC 2011 - 2023 Express / Savana
AE Dodge / Ram 2014 - 2023 Promaster 1500/ 2500/ 3500 *excludes extended body²
AH Dodge / Ram 2014 - 2023 3500 Extended Only²
AF Ford 2015 - 2023 Transit 150/ 250/ 350 *EXCLUDES EXTENDED BODY⁵-⁶
AG Ford 2015 - 2023 Transit 250 / 350 *Extended Only⁶
AG Electric Vehicle Icon Ford 2022 - 2023 (EV) Transit 250 / 350 *Extended Only
Electric Vehicle Icon = Indicates this is an Electric Vehicle (EV)
  1. EF71 platforms are recommended for medium- or high-roof model vans only.
  2. Exhaust hanger modification required on Promaster applications.
  3. Exhaust or exhaust hanger modification required on Sprinter applications varies by model. 
  4. Mercedes-Benz requires the use of an auxiliary battery for all liftgates installed on Sprinter® vans.
  5. Ford Transit® "medium-height" models are compatible with EF71 platform.
  6. Some Ford Transit® installations may require a separate connection point kit to be ordered from Ford. See Install Instructions (page #4) or contact customer service.
  7. Sprinter 4WD models may not be compatible. Contact Factory for more information. 



 Available Platforms


Two-piece, laterally-folding, Extruded Aluminum w/ 40" loading depth

Cantilever Series EF52 Open Cantilever Series EF52 Closed

Two-piece, laterally-folding, Extruded Aluminum w/ 60" loading depth

Cantilever Series EF71 Open Cantilever Series EF71 Closed

  Standard Features

Power Cable w/ Full Length Ground Image
Power Cable w/ Full Length Ground

ensures consistent power supply

150-amp Circuit Breaker Image
150-amp Circuit Breaker

protects vehicle's electrical system, disconnects power for repairs

Maintenance-free Pins and Bushings Image
Maintenance-free Pins and Bushings

ensure consistent platform operation, require zero maintenance

Platform Power Down Image
Platform Power Down

offers consistent platform action both upwards and downwards

Remote Pendant Control Image
Remote Pendant Control

allows additional operator movement

Split Cart Stops Image
Split Cart Stops

secure wheeled cargo (aluminum platforms only, loses 10-inches of loading depth when deployed)

  Available Options

Rear Camera & Sensor Kit Image
Rear Camera & Sensor Kit

repositions factory camera and sensors while retaining component functionality

Remote Pendant Control Mounting Kit Image
Remote Pendant Control Mounting Kit

bracket and hook to store pendant control inside the vehicle (pendant sold separately)

Spare Tire Relocation Kit Image
Spare Tire Relocation Kit

Tire bracket kit to relocate spare tire from under the rear of the vehicle to the inside of the vehicle.

1. Rear Camera & Sensor Kits are available for 2015-2020 Ford Transit vans. 



  Cantilever Series

Document Name Size Download
Cantilever Series Owner's Manual 1193kb
Warranty Guidelines 506kb
2022 Ford Electric E-Transit Commercial Van Flyer
Cargo Van - Cantilever Series Parts List 383kb
Cargo Van - Cantilever Series Dimension 113kb
Cargo Van - Cantilever Series Platform Angle 113kb
Cantilever Rear Camera Mount 819kb
Ford Transit Rear Camera & Sensor Option (CVL) 819kb
Extended vs Non-Extended Commercial Van Measurements 504
Estimated Installation Times 452kb
Cantilever Series Installation Instructions (Sprinter-AA) 803kb
Cantilever Series Installation Instructions (Sprinter-AB) 786kb
Cantilever Series Installation Instructions (Nissan-AC) 750kb
Cantilever Series Installation Instructions (Chevy/GMC-AD) 773kb
Cantilever Series Installation Instructions (Dodge-AE) 777kb
Cantilever Series Installation Instructions (Dodge-AH) 786kb
Cantilever Series Installation Instructions (Ford-AF) 1236kb
Cantilever Series Installation Instructions (Ford-AG) 1230kb
Ford Transit - Battery Wiring Instructions 1766kb
Cantilever Series - Ram Promaster Flyer 188kb
Cantilever Series - Sprinter Flyer 620kb
Cantilever Series - Nissan NV Flyer 379kb
Cantilever Series - Ford Transit Flyer 853kb
Tommy Gate Liftgate Guide 9133kb

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Cantilever Series - Chevy Express Operation  
Cantilever Series - Promaster Operation  
Cantilever Series - Transit Operation  
Cart Stop Operation  
Factory Montage  

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