A 2015 Ford Transit commercial van with Tommy Gate Cantilever liftgate
Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2015 Ford Transit - Cantilever Applications

Tommy Gate has new Cantilever liftgate applications for the Ford Transit commercial van.

Tommy Gate is excited to announce the availability of new Cantilever Series applications for the 2015 Ford Transit®.

Ford Motor Company has been rolling out the new cargo vans for about two months now and they should be appearing at dealerships near you.

The 2015 Transit is being offered in three different roof heights and with three different wheelbases (including an extended body). The Cantilever Series model numbers and applications are as follows:

CVL-AF-1330 EF71  - 2015 Ford Transit (150 / 250 / 350, all wheelbases, medium & high roof) 

CVL-AF-1330 EF52  - 2015 Ford Transit (150 / 250 / 350, all wheelbases, low roof) 

CVL-AG-1330 EF71 - 2015 Ford Transit (150 / 250 / 350, extended body only, 71-inch platform) 

CVL-AG-1330 EF52 - 2015 Ford Transit (150 / 250 / 350, extended body only, 52-inch platform) 


To view complete model and application charts, jump to THE CANTILEVER SERIES PAGE.

The Cantilever Series is a state-of-the-art hydraulic lift specifically designed to work seamlessly with contemporary commercial vans. One of the most attractive features of Cantilever Series lifts is the laterally-folding aluminum platform, which allows access to the rear of the van when in the stored position.

For more information contact Tommy Gate customer service at 1-800-LIFTGATE.

Tommy Gate is always working to design, build, and improve upon the finest liftgates in the world.

Accept no imitations.

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