A 2017 Ford F-250 pickup truck
Tuesday, August 2, 2016

2017 Ford Superduty Liftgate Applications!

Tommy Gate is pleased to announce the availability of pickup liftgates for 2017 Ford Superduty models.

Much like the 2015 F-150 before them, the new Superduty models have undergone a complete re-design and materials overhaul. The new trucks feature the same tough aluminum bodies as their lower-duty counterparts while also providing a serious amount of upgraded performance features.

Autoweek has an excellent write up about the "thorough overhaul" of the newly designed trucks and lists many of the improved features, which include:

  • Lighter Aluminum Body
  • 24x Stiffer Frame  (wow!)
  • Revised Engine  (Autoweek calls it "insanely torquey")
  • Larger Drive Shafts
  • Thicker Axles
  • Bigger Gears
  • Larger Fuel Tank
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency  (attributed to more aerodynamic design)

Ford has once again knocked it out of the park with this new truck and looks to further enjoy its lion's share of the heavy duty commercial pickup market. Tommy Gate wanted to be on top of the new truck's release and is pleased to be able to offer a liftgate application as the 2017 Superduty models begin landing at dealerships.

The new Tommy Gate mounting bracket for 2017 Superduty models, bracket# T-285, has been expertly designed for clean and easy liftgate installation and includes a corrosion-resistant barrier between the steel bracket and aluminum truck body.

G2-Series Pickup Models for the 2017 Superduty are available with 1300-1500lb lifting capacities and numerous platform configurations. View the pickup liftgate application chart.

Feel free to contact Tommy Gate customer service, 1-800-LIFTGATE, with any questions. You can always get someone on the phone there during business hours and they are most eager to help.


Tommy Gate is always working to design, build, and improve upon the finest liftgates in the world.

Accept no imitations.

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