Railgate Series: RTC

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Step Van - Railgate Series: RTC

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The Step Van Liftgate

RTC Model Railgates have been designed specifically for "walk in" step vans and incorporate a roller-based drive system to ensure sturdy, dependable performance through extensive cycling. Lightweight, corrosion resistant, low maintenance, and operator safe, fleet managers and drivers alike appreciate the ease and convenience of these specially constructed lifts.

Liftgate Capacity
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1600 & 2000 lbs.

Hydraulic System
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Rail Style
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Steel Rollers

Railgate Series: RTC Features

  • Seamless installation
  • Simple operation
  • Extensive cycling
  • Corrosion resistant


Railgate Series: RTC Overview Image A Railgate Series: RTC Overview Image B
Tailor Made Image
Tailor Made

From installation to operation to maintenance, every facet of the RTC Railgate has been carefully considered to mount cleanly, operate smoothly and safely, and endure extensive cycling over an extended lifespan.

Seamless Installation Image
Seamless Installation

RTC Railgates come standard with safety trip bar, torsion-assist platform open and close, and recessed lights. A platform self-close system, 12" bolt-on taper, and taper-integrated, split cart stops are optional.

  Models for 93" Wide Bodies

Model Capacity Load Area Taper Travel Weight Applications Spec
RTC-89-16 EA35 1600 88  x  35 12 30-37 615 B
RTC-89-16 EA55 1600 88  x  55 12 30-37 695 B
RTC-89-20 EA35 2000 88  x  35 12 30-37 615 B
RTC-89-20 EA55 2000 88  x  55 12 30-37 695 B

  Applications & Brackets - Step Van → Railgate Series: RTC

Code Body Style
A Step Vans w/ 86" Wide Bodies
B Step Vans w/ 93" Wide Bodies

 Available Platforms


1-piece extruded aluminum w/ 35" loading depth + 12" bolt-on taper

Railgate Series: RTC EA35 Open Railgate Series: RTC EA35 Closed

1-piece extruded aluminum w/ 55" loading depth + 12" bolt-on taper

Railgate Series: RTC EA55 Open Railgate Series: RTC EA55 Closed

  Standard Features

Low-profile, Fixed Toggle Control Image
Low-profile, Fixed Toggle Control

a low-profile control with five-minute inactivity shut-off

Recessed LED Light Kit Image
Recessed LED Light Kit

3-light kit (two red, one white each side)

Safety Trip Bar Image
Safety Trip Bar

disengages the lift when an object is detected between rising platform and liftgate mainframe

Above-bed Travel Image
Above-bed Travel

allows platform to travel above truck bed-height for dock loading

Torsion Bar Image
Torsion Bar

aids in manually opening/closing the platform

  Available Options

12" Bolt-on Taper Image
12" Bolt-on Taper

one piece, bolt-on taper (supports cart stops and in-field replacement)

Split Cart Stops Image
Split Cart Stops

located in platform taper, secures wheeled cargo

Dual Controls Image
Dual Controls

low-profile, fixed control + remote pendant control

Remote Pendant Control Mounting Kit Image
Remote Pendant Control Mounting Kit

bracket and hook to store pendant control inside the vehicle (pendant sold separately)

Backup Alarm Image
Backup Alarm

sounds when vehicle is in reverse

Self-close System Image
Self-close System

cam-arm system opens/closes the platform automatically


  Railgate Series: RTC

Document Name Size Download
Railgate Series - RTC Owner's Manual 1007kb
Warranty Guidelines 506kb
Step Van - Railgate Series - RTC Parts List 286kb
Step Van - Railgate Series - RTC Dimensions 154kb
1600 & 2000 lb-Capacity (RTC) Railgate Installation Instructions 3339kb
Railgate Bolt-On Taper Replacement Instructions 290kb
Railgate Series - Step Van (RTC) - Product Brochure 1438kb
Tommy Gate Liftgate Guide 9133kb

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Railgate - RTC Operation  
Railgate Series - RTC Models Maintenance  
Cart Stop Operation  
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